levels of perfume concentration that many people still don’t know

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Have you ever wondered if Why is the perfume we spray. Some scents are very long-lasting. But some scents fade as soon as they are injected. Some smells are quite pungent. But some scents are light and comfortable for the nose. That’s because each type of perfume has a different concentration of perfume essence. This perfume essence is a solution containing essential oils. The aromatic compounds, alcohol and water, blend together perfectly. in various ratios that each perfumer has created.


Parfum or Perfume is the most concentrated perfume, but most people tend to misunderstand and call every bottle of perfume a Perfume. It contains 20 – 40% perfume essence, making it last up to 8 – 10 hours because of the concentration. High fragrance, low alcohol content Therefore causing the price to be high. And it’s harder to buy than normal perfumes, so I rarely see anyone using this type of perfume.

Perfume is suitable for people with sensitive skin because it has low alcohol content.  This makes the skin not dry or sprayed on days when you have to stay outside for a long time, including buying it as a gift for someone. It’s definitely special. Report by สมัคร ufabet


Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a perfume that is second in intensity to Perfume. It has 15 – 20% perfume essence and lasts for about 7 – 8 hours. The price is therefore cheaper than Perfume because there are fewer perfume essences and more alcohol content.

EDP ​​is therefore a type of perfume that Generally available, easy to find and buy and suitable for daily use  It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Easy to lose too.


Eau de Toilette (EDT) comes from the French Faire sa Toilette meaning to prepare. which is the perfume that is used Spray after showering The concentration is inferior to EDP because the perfume has a concentration of 5 – 15%, lasting approximately 4 – 6 hours.EDT is the most popular type of perfume. It’s easy to find and can be found most often in the country. Perfume seller There are many scents to choose from.  Suitable for spraying for half a day of activity because the smell will start to fade.


Eau de Cologne (EDC) or cologne for short, the scent is light. And it lasts less than EDT because the perfume content is only 2% – 4%. The smell will last for about 2 – 3 hours, then the smell will fade away. Therefore, it is suitable for people who like light scents, do not like the smell of strong perfumes, and can also help reduce unwanted odors .


Eau Fraiche is a concentrated perfume. of the least perfume The most diluted Because there is only 1 – 3% perfume essence, the remaining 97% is a mixture of water and alcohol. The scent will last for about 2 hours. This type of perfume has a rather weak scent, not long-lasting, suitable for people who like a faint fragrance or spray. Go out and find a girl. Or running errands outside for just an hour or two.