Varane hopes ghosts get better for 3 warmer games in Kangaroo Dan

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Raphael Varane, defender of Manchester United, recently landing on the next station, Melbourne, Australia admitted that the game defeated Liverpool 4 Tung yesterday was satisfactory But the team still has many flaws to fine-tune.

Varane started at Rajamangala Stadium yesterday, helping the ‘ Red Devils ‘ gain an advantage by three goals at the end of the first half. Until he managed to win the trophy of The Match Bangkok Century 2022  

However, his personal opinion is that the ufabet team can still improve in many areas.

“ We know ourselves very well what kind of football we want to play, and the manager of the team has clearly explained how to do it. which is very clear ” opening the mouth to ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ So we know that we have to keep our bodies fit because the way we play depends on our physical fitness. ” 

“ We are happy with the results yesterday but at the same time we know we need a lot of practice to get us started on the 2022-23 season.” 

“ We have to fight each other. So we will do our best for the beginning of the new season. ” 

“ This is just the start of the pre – season, so it’s too early to come to a conclusion. But we know exactly where we want to go. ”  

United ‘s next warm – up match against Melbourne Victory (15 July ) , Crystal Palace (19 July ) , Aston Villa ( 23 July ) in Australia , A T. Madrid ( 30 July ) in Norway and Rayo Vallecano ( 31 July ) as the home team